Tina Bark starts her career with her Desert Flowers Line

Working in the tranquil haven of the Arizona desert, I am drawing inspiration from my surroundings. On my daily hikes through this magnificent landscape I see such immense beauty- the vast skies and purple mountains… but what really catches my eye are the Wildflowers.



8 Responses to “Tina Bark starts her career with her Desert Flowers Line”

  1. Your work is beautiful.

    Please keep us posted with new photos whenever you can!

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Very inspiring. Keep on creating ….

  4. Joy , Transkei Says:

    Miss Arizona, your work is absolutely stunning

  5. Hi Tina, It is incredible to see your organic work. I love the floral inspiration and the center stones and the nesting of the circles in the necklaces. I am hoping that you retail in LA? Sending you inspiration, Kindest regards,

  6. sarah (from whole meal caffe in takaka) Says:

    Tina your jewlery is awsome a total work of art ..! well done and congrates on the great designs
    hope every thing going well . much love Sarah xx

  7. Karen Feldman Says:

    It was wonderful to meet you and to see your GORGEOUS work! Seeing the beautiful copper and stone elements instantly carried me to the desert in all of its splendor. I can’t wait to see your pieces in upscale boutiques here on the east coast.
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    Best regards,

  8. Tina,

    Me encanta tu trabajo, principalmente las flores del desierto.
    Me alegra saber que estas haciendo cosas muy lindas.
    Espero verte pronto!

    Un beso!

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