A Look at Some of the New Pieces!

These copper and sterling silver bangles make me feel like Wonder Woman when I wear them!

I started my Gourd Series a few months ago and have been selling them as quickly as I can make them! Each one is unique , and there’s a beautiful earth-bound quality that is captured in the bold three-dimensional shape.

The butterflies keep getting bigger and better! This ring is a commissioned piece, where I was able to include the initials of the buyer in the wing design (GM- can you see it?). I love placing the butterfly at an angle, as if it has just landed on your finger!
sterling silver, turquoise, copper wire

I am so excited about my GIANT flowers! The poppy is one of my favorite flowers, and the inspiration for this piece.
P1060508I have also made this flower in black and a muted copper, one for every occasion!



2 Responses to “A Look at Some of the New Pieces!”

  1. TINA!!!!! The butterfly and poppy pieces are absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. Tina, your designs are beautiful!!! I especially like the one with the heart 🙂

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