Artist’s BIO

With vivid memories of many miles, innumerable faces and countless countries blazing through my mind, I draw on my life experiences for inspiration.
From Africa to India, Argentina to Australia, the beauty I see in the world continues to fill me with awe and wonderment. This is what I try to capture in my art.

I first started taking painting classes in London before I was a teenager, and since then I have continuously explored the boundaries of artistic expression through various media. At age 16 I moved to Argentina and being immersed in such a beautifully rich culture at a young age opened my eyes and mind to different representations of life, design and style. After that, I studied Fine Arts and Art History for 4 years in Paris. I spent 2007-2008 in New Zealand apprenticing with a carver and inlay designer, and most recently I have spent time in northern Thailand learning from a talented local jeweler the art of fine jewelry design!

I continue my search for the new, the exciting, and the unusual as inspiration for a wide range of creative expression.
Drawing on my exploration of our world, joy of life and love of people, I hope to create stunning, timeless pieces that defy definition and speak all languages.